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About Us  

The Orchard would like to welcome you to our world of gourmet fruits and vegetables where outstanding quality and superior service has remained paramount for over 50 years. By combining superior fresh fruits with master craftsmanship, The Orchard has achieved a classic style that blends beauty with great taste. Our exquisite platters and baskets are truly a sight to behold.

From its founding in 1957, The Orchard has provided dependable service to the greater New York area. Today we are well known throughout the United States and our fruits appear often in magazine advertisement and national television commercials. We are especially proud to have been selected to decorate the tables of Presidential Inauguration parties.

Each of our platters and basket are meticulously handcrafted by the finest fruit designers found anywhere. Each day designers are provided with the freshest produce available from over the World.

We personally supervise the daily buying of our produce so that our customer can count on consistently receiving only the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

Once you taste our products and see our beautiful presentation you will know you have selected the best. Please join our expended list of vary satisfied customers and experience for yourself the joys of fresh fruit present in dramatic and attractive manner.

The Orchard serves the Greater New York Area (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New Jersey and the Bronx) and is located in Coney Island area of Brooklyn, New York.

How 'bout them pineapples? [ Read full review ]

Fruitmonger Daniel Spitz sure can pick 'em. The 84-year-old pioneer in the gourmet-food movement has devoted a lifetime to pursuing the world's finest oranges, plums and other produce. He opened his grocery store, the Orchard, in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood in 1957 with just $500-an amount that today barely buys five of the fruit shop's bountiful baskets of mango, melon and strawberries. "My price was always higher than anyone else's," said Mr. Spitz, who makes no bones about a $4 peach. "But if someone ever looked at my fruit, they'd want to buy it." Just ask former President Jimmy Carter, who ordered 50 boxes of Orchard pineapples for his inauguration party. And each year, scores of gourmands beyond Brooklyn make a pilgrimage to the Coney Island Avenue shop. Throughout his 55-year career, Mr. Spitz has shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to find that perfect piece of fruit. When the Orchard opened, he'd go to a fruit auction held outside the Battery Tunnel in Manhattan at 3 a.m. to rifle through boxes of plums, apples and melons. He flew to Hawaii in the 1960s to bring some of the first fresh pineapples back to the Big Apple. And he's even made trips to farms in California and Florida to survey their soil and trees. "They called me the Department of Agriculture," said Mr. Spitz. These days, his 2,000-square-foot storefront is home to a host of rare and exotic fruits-California white apricots called snowcots, donut peaches, elephant plums. Ever try a mangosteen, a sweet and tangy fruit from Indonesia best eaten wearing a bib? At $25 a pound, it's an expensive habit-one Mr. Spitz has no intention of quitting anytime soon. "This business," he said, "is like a drug."

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS [ Read full review ]

In the 1950s, a Midwood grocer changed Brooklyn's produce forever Not every person in Brooklyn thanks Daniel Spitz when biting into a delicious pineapple. But every one of them should. Why? Because the 84-year-old Brooklyn native did more to bring the fresh fruit from the shores of far-off Hawaii to the Borough of Kings than James Dole himself. Sure, the Dole Corporation shipped the fruit to the mainland - and even Long Island - in antiseptic, hard-to-open cans, but it was the Brooklyn kid, "Danny Pines," who made it possible for families across the borough to get their hands (and mouths) on the delectable, if hardto- peel, fruit. For it was Danny who, in the dawn of the jet age, went the extra mile to bring exotic fresh fruits to his customers who dreamed they could dig into them with a knife instead of a can opener - and be left with a harmless peel that could be recycled in the backyard garden instead of piece of metal that would poison the land at the smelly mound forever rising, it seemed, at the landfi ll in Spring Creek. Sure, in many ways, it was the people of Brooklyn's insatiable appetite for fruits other than apples and oranges and plumbs and tangerines that pushed Danny to take that fl ight to California in search of a pineapple supplier that could zip the fruits over while they were still fresh.

The Orchard stocks the world's best fruit [ Read full review ]

If Harry Winston sold fruit, it would aspire to be the Orchard. Never--not from the Greenmarket, not directly from a tree and not from a plant we've grown ourselves--have we had fruit of this sparkling quality, variety and bombastic taste. When Daniel Spitz opened his Midwood, Brooklyn, business in 1957, the area was ripe with fruit stores. To distinguish his wares, Spitz bought the finest product he could. He forged relationships with growers and imported the best global fruit at a time when watermelon in winter was considered opulent. Now, 55 years later, Spitz's son Mitchell drives to JFK up to four times a week to retrieve the Orchard's precious cargo. Let the shop assistants guide you with their insights and generous samples. During a recent trip, we tasted creamy white California snowcots, donut peaches, fat blackberries, baby mangoes with a paper-thin pit and raisins still on the vine. Mitchell Spitz spares no expense, and you'll find yourself doing the same: We racked up $30 worth of produce, which was placed in a tiny, exquisitely packed bag. We're already planning a return trip in August for a Coney Island beachside picnic of elephant plums, raspberry figs and red-fleshed Indian peaches.

Best of New York Winner 2001 [ Read full review ]

Nothing says I love you like a nice fruit basket. (Except maybe a diamond bracelet, or a trip to Paris, but never mind.) Of course, it has to be the right fruit basket. Getting a crinkly cellophane time bomb loaded with waxy, fake-looking apples, fibrously dry oranges, and those annoying miniature jelly jars is about as welcome as hate mail. Place an order with the Orchard (we recommend the "Gourmet," which comes in a wicker basket and includes a bottle of California white wine and Godiva chocolates) and you can rest assured that your recipient will be thanking you all week long as he or she feasts on a gorgeous assortment of ultrafresh fruits. No matter the time of year, we've never encountered a mealy piece of fruit here. That's because the Orchard picks up their fruit-mangos from Haiti, Hawaiian pineapples-at the airport each day. They'll deliver anywhere in Manhattan with a day's notice.

Edible Brooklyn "worth the trip" by Josh Ozersky [ Read full review ]

MIDWOOD - The Orchard, the greatest fruit store in New York City and possibly the world, sits on an unloved stretch of Coney Island Avenue, surrounded by discount clothing stores, Judaica shops and schnitzel bars. It's been a requisite stop on my Brooklyn tour itinerary for years, whether the guests are visiting dignitaries or difficult-to-impress food writers. (Were it not for the godlike presence of Dom DeMarco a few blocks away at Di Fara Pizza, it would be the high point.) The narrow, 50-year-old store features dizzying displays of perfect Haitian mangoes, Matisse peaches, figs you'd swear contain raspberry jam, specialty Asian fruits in foam shrouds, tropical treats getting Tiffany's treatment. There are also fruit salads, smoked fish and shelves of honey and preserves, but I've never seen anyone so much as pick one up. The focus-or should I say obsessive devotion-is on fresh fruit. People come here from all over the city to purchase fruit at astronomical prices. The reason is simple: It's the best.

photo of the Founder

Best of New York Winner 2001
Best Fruit Basket
The Orchard
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